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Weed Scientific Name Photo
Annual Sedge Cyperus compressus Annual Sedge [<em>Cyperus compressus</em>]
Cylindric Sedge Cyperus retrorsus Cylindric Sedge [<em>Cyperus retrorsus</em>]
Globe Sedge Cyperus croceus Globe Sedge [<em>Cyperus croceus</em>]
Green Kyllinga Kyllinga brevifolia Green Kyllinga [<em>Kyllinga brevifolia</em>]
Hop Sedge Carex lupulina Hop Sedge [<em>Carex lupulina</em>]
Knob Sedge Cyperus pseudovegetus Knob Sedge [<em>Cyperus pseudovegetus</em>]
Oval Leaf Sedge Carex cephalophora Oval Leaf Sedge [<em>Carex cephalophora</em>]
Path Rush Juncus tenuis Path Rush [<em>Juncus tenuis</em>]
Purple Nutsedge Cyperus rotundus Purple Nutsedge [<em>Cyperus rotundus</em>]
Raven's Foot Sedge Carex crus-corvi Raven's Foot Sedge [<em>Carex crus-corvi</em>]
Redroot Flatsedge Cyperus erythrorhizos Redroot Flatsedge [<em>Cyperus erythrorhizos</em>]
Rice Flatsedge Cyperus iria Rice Flatsedge [<em>Cyperus iria</em>]
Shoreline Sedge Carex hyalinolepis Shoreline Sedge [<em>Carex hyalinolepis</em>]
Slimpod Rush Juncus diffusissimus Slimpod Rush [<em>Juncus diffusissimus</em>]
Soft Rush Juncus effusus Soft Rush [<em>Juncus effusus</em>]
Spike Rush Eleocharis microcarpa Spike Rush [<em>Eleocharis microcarpa</em>]
Wolf Tail Sedge Carex cherokeensis Wolf Tail Sedge [<em>Carex cherokeensis</em>]
Woodland Sedge Carex blanda Woodland Sedge [<em>Carex blanda</em>]
Woodrush Luzula multiflorum Woodrush [<em>Luzula multiflorum</em>]
Yellow Nutsedge Cyperus esculentus Yellow Nutsedge [<em>Cyperus esculentus</em>]
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