field of soybeans with pigweed
U of A CES Pasture Weed Control Database
The Pasture Weed Control Database contains the same information and pictures included in the Miscellaneous Publication MP-522. The weeds are arranged alphabetically by scientific name because common names vary. For example, in Arkansas, Eupatorium capillifolium, is variously called, Dogfennel, Cypress Weed, and Texas Cedar.

Sandbur, Cenchrus longispinus

Cenchrus longispinus

While not perfect, the best treatment we have found is an early postemergence application of Panoramic (imazapic) at 6 fl oz/A. Add 0.25% nonionic surfactant. Panoramic will stunt bermudagrass. Damage varies, but the loss of one hay cutting is typical. Expect 30 to 45 days of bermudagrass suppression after application. Do not apply to drought-stressed bermudagrass. Do not apply during spring transition. Do not apply to newly sprigged or seeded bermudagrass. See the Pastora label for sandbur control instructions. Fertilization of bermudagrass is a key part of sandbur control.