field of soybeans with pigweed
U of A CES Pasture Weed Control Database
The Pasture Weed Control Database contains the same information and pictures included in the Miscellaneous Publication MP-522. The weeds are arranged alphabetically by scientific name because common names vary. For example, in Arkansas, Eupatorium capillifolium, is variously called, Dogfennel, Cypress Weed, and Texas Cedar.

Bahiagrass, Paspalum notatum

Paspalum notatum

This recommendation is for use in established bermudagrass to control `Pensacola' bahiagrass. In late May, apply 60 DF metsulfuron or Cimarron Plus at 0.5 to 1 oz/a plus 0.25% surfactant. Make a second application three to four weeks later. It is important to follow up the herbicide application with a fertility program to encourage the bermudagrass growth. Metsulfuron is safe on bermudagrass and has no grazing or haying restrictions. Metsulfuron also controls many broadleaf weeds and some brush species. See the Pastora label for bahiagrass control instructions.